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URI Content to show man command
/grep grep’s man page in English
(from section 1 by default or other available sections)
man grep
/grep.1 grep’s man page in English from section 1 man grep.1 or
man 1 grep or
man 'grep(1)'
/man1 or
all man pages in English from section 1
(page 1 by default)
/man1/a or
man pages in English by name from section 1
starting with the letter a
(page 1 by default)

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Man pages by sections

Section 1
User commands and tools. See the intro(1) or visit the section 1.
Section 2
Linux system calls. See the intro(2) or visit the section 2.
Section 3
Library functions. See the intro(3) or visit the section 3.
Section 4
Special files (devices). See the intro(4) or visit the section 4.
Section 5
File formats and filesystems. See the intro(5) or visit the section 5.
Section 6
Games and funny little programs. See the intro(6) or visit the section 6.
Section 7
Overviews and miscellany sections. See the intro(7) or visit the section 7.
Section 8
Administration and privileged commands. See the intro(8) or visit the section 8.
Section 2
System kernel interfaces and subroutines. See the intro(9) or visit the section 9.

Man pages by distributions and versions

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